Here are some of the most common issues / questions that we receive for rigs

How do I setup WIFI on a rig? 

If you have a monitor plugged in and you are doing an initial setup, HiveOS will ask you for your wifi details. If the rig is already setup, type Wifi and follow the prompts. Alternatively, power down the rig, put the USB in another computer, browse to the "network" folder and edit the file "wifi.txt" - add your SSID / password. 

The rig won't power on at all

Ensure that all power supplies are on (in the I position on the switch), and then press the power switch button (usually attached to a column of the frame). Ensure all power cables are tightly attached.

One of my cards has stopped working / doesn't work when plugging in

Try your video card in a different riser slot. If the card works in another riser slot, most likely the riser or riser cable has stopped working. You will need to replace this with a new riser.

When I add more than 3 cards, the rig won't start, or the card doesn't show

Occassionally this happens if BIOS settings are reset. You should plug in a monitor to your rig, restart and press the DEL key to enter BIOS. Go to advanced settings and then look for PCI Subsystem settings and ensure that 4G Encoding or Mining Mode is enabled. 



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