Set Overclocks

We recommend setting Overclocks on your Video Cards / GPUs in HiveOS immediately. You should ideally add ONE video card at a time to your rig, then get your overclocks setup BEFORE adding the next card.

What Is An Overclocking Profile

In general terms, overclocking is pushing your hardware beyond it’s factory specs thus possibly improving its performance. An Overclocking Profile can also be used for other purposes, like downvolting — reducing your hardware’s power consumption. There are many applications for overclocking and we’ll try to cover some of them in this article.

Login to HiveOS and select your worker from the drop down at the top

1 - Click on the Overclock settings icon for your card

2 - If you know the settings, enter them here. If you are not sure then select Presets and choose one of the more popular profiles


Overclocking is a process of trial and error and requires patience to achieve the desired results. You should always let your hardware run with each set of new Overclocking Profiles for some time to see if those specific parameters will stay stable. Hardware can behave differently sometimes giving out unpredictable results. One way to see if your overclocking changes were successful is whether or not you start getting rejected shares.


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