Install GPUs

This guide will help you with installing your GPUs / Video Cards into your rig.

Pleas ensure the following before you begin installing a GPU / Video Card

- Your rig should be powered down and unplugged from the power
- You must be confident that you are plugging into a Power Supply that has enough power for your cards

Check the total TDP (max wattage) for all video cards plugged in does not exceed the power rating of the power supply. For example if you have 4 200W cards, and a 1000W Power Supply then you would be within limits. If you had 4 300W cards, it would exceed the amount. You should also allow around 100W for your motherboard / CPU.

- If your unit has multiple Power Supplies, check what Power Supply unit a Riser is plugged into. You should only ever plug your video card into the SAME Power supply unit.

Steps to install

- Locate a PCIE power cable from your power supply box. These usually have one 8 PIN end and 2 6+2 PIN ends. The 2 pins clip in to form 8 Pins (which most cards use).

- Slide your card carefully into the riser, make sure the clip at the end is pushed out to allow the card to slot in.

- Screw your card in to the rig

- Plug the single end into the back of the Power Supply unit using a PCIE power slot, these are usually marked.

- Plug one or two 6+2 PIN ends into your card depending on how many are required. Some cards require 3, in this case, you may wish to purchase a PCIE Splitter

- Check that the 8 PINs are all the way in, and clipped.

Power on your rig. The card should light up and fans come on. If this fails to happen or has a solid white light, the power cables are not connected correctly. Note - the riser receives a small amount of power which will run the card, but not enough for the card to show in HiveOS. 


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