Our collection of Power Rigs are built for GPU / Video cards Mining over 200Ws - ranging from 6GPU, 8GPU, 12GPU and 17GPU Options.
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Mining Rig Power 6GPU - 2000W

  Checkout our overview video: Ideal for enthusiasts who are just getting into Mining. Compact space, low price. Our easy setup process includes everything you need to get up and mining...
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Mining Rig Power 8GPU - 2500W

Ideal for those with power hungry GPUs (3070TI /3080/ 3080TI / 3090s), comes with multiple power supplies. The size of this rig allows for 8 larger GPUs to be installed. NOTE - For...
Mining Rig Pro Power 12GPU - 4500W Mining Rig Pro Power 12GPU - 4500W
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Mining Rig Pro Power 12GPU - 4500W

Ideal for the professional miner who has 12 X 3080/3090 Video Cards with enough power to run them all! Your new rig is pre-built at no additional cost and ready to...