Here is a quick guide on how to install your CPU + Fan. This guide is only for a socket type 1151.

Step 1 - Lift the CPU socket by pushing out the lever (so it is unlocked) and then up.


Step 2- Remove the black plastic cover (this is very important, it is simply there as a protective covering).

Step 3 - Place your CPU into the slot aligning the pins. IMPORTANT - make sure the triangles point to each other (see top right of the picture below). The CPU should slot in easily, you don't need to apply any pressure

Step 4 - Close the lever to lock in place. You will need to apply some pressure to do this.

Step 5 - Unpack your fan. These instructions are specific to the type of fan fitting. Make sure to remove any plastic coverings

Step 6 - Make sure you have these fittings, these are what you will use to fit the plastic black ring to the board

Step 7 - Put the white plastic fittings in to all four holes on the seating ring. Make sure they go in the middle and that they align with the groove like the picture below, and push right in.

Step 8 - Align this on the board and push in each of the plastic fittings into the holes on the board. They should make a satisfying click. Note - they will still come out at this point with a little force, the next step will lock them in.

Step 9 - Push the four black pins into the middle of the plastic fittings all the way down. This will lock in the fitting. It should be tight, and you should be able to apply a lot of pressure without it coming loose. If it is AT ALL loose then you need to address this, as the next step won't work. 

Step 10 - OPTIONAL - you can apply CPU Thermal paste at this point. If you are mining GPUs this step isn't necessary as the CPU temperature won't be that high.

Some fans are sloped, this is normal! Just make sure you install it sloping the way you want it.

Step 11 - Place the main fan unit over the top and clip in place on the side that is shorter. Make sure the fan cable is going to reach the 4 pin power supply marked CPU_FAN located on the motherboard. In theory you can install the unit any way round, but be mindful of its impact on the RAM slots, on the TB250-BTC board i have placed the higher end of the fan towards the RAM to give more room.

Step 12 - Connect the longer side by pushing it down until it clips in


All done! 






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