Simple? Yes, but a few pointers on which way things go round makes a huge difference to the amount of time to complete this task.

Step 1 - Check you received everything. Depending on the size of your frame, your included items should roughly match the below

Step 2 - Separate the screws, the bigger ones (left) are for the frame, the smaller ones are for attaching your motherboard to the frame.

Step 3 - Screw in the back frame, depending on your frame there may be 2 or 4 screws per corner. Do them loosely to start until all in, then tighten

Step 4 - Install the front frame

Step 5 - Install the side rails, the screw goes in from the outside, but the rail sits inside.

Step 6 - Install the top support rail (this is what your GPUs will sit on). Depending on your frame this may attach outside the rail, or inside the rail. 

Step 7 - If your rig comes with a sticky pad to protect the riser cards, you can stick this along the top of the top rail support.


Well done, your frame is ready to go.

Ready to install a motherboard? Check out our guide on how to add a motherboard to your frame



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