This guide should help you install a motherboard to your mining frame. In this particular guide we are using the TB250-BTC board, however the instructions remain the same for other boards. Please note this board is based on the LGA 1151 socket so the CPU / Fan install will differ for other socket sets.

Step 1 - Figure out where your board is going to go on the frame. This will help you decide the location of the standoffs (those small gold things). This may depend on the size frame you have

50cm frames - Position it all the way to one side, to provide room for a PSU on the left or right

60-70cm frames - Position in the middle and you can use either (or both) sides for a PSU

Step 2 - Screw in the standoffs. They usually go in by hand, but you may want some pliers to tighten them. Do not leave them loose or the screws will pull them out when you try to install your board. You will ideally want a minimum of 6 standoffs spread over the board locations.

Step 3 - At this stage, if you haven't done so already you should setup your motherboard with its CPU / Fan / RAM / and anything else you are adding. It is easier to install these before you seat it in the rig. Read our guide on installing the CPU / Fan here.

If you place your board on the standoffs. Add the small screws, but do not tighten until you have all screws in loosely.

Nice job! 


Whats next?

- If you have already installed your CPU / Fan / Memory / Hard Drive (or USB) to the board then you can move on to installing your PSU (Power Supply) and connecting everything else. Read our guide on this next step here.

- If you didn't install your CPU / Fan / Memory / Hard Drive then check out our guide on installing these. 



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